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Will your company business card avoid the bin?

The business card is commonly the first point of contact with a prospective client and more importantly the first chance to convert them from a potential client into an actual client. It may be small but this does not mean your business card design should be skimped on and overlooked. There are many ‘free’ business card offers around nowadays but you do need to be wary as they will often be free for a reason. Common reasons include the fact that they will be printed on paper thin card, design will be limited to a choice of design templates or the printer will plaster their name over them. Is this the image you really want for your business?

Here at Destylio we provide bespoke business card design for either single- or double-sided business cards, though we always recommend using both sides. This is because you can then include much more information about you and your business and the print costs will be nowhere near double either!
When thinking of getting some business cards for your company, follow these simple tips to ensure you get the quality product that your business deserves:

1. Size – Is your business card the standard size of 3.5 x 2 inches? If not it won’t fit in standard business card wallets so where might it go? In the bin?

2. Paper quality – Your business card should be printed on business card board of 350gsm or thicker. If it is on flimsy paper it will make you and your company look cheap. Cheap cards may well be binned.

3. Damaged goods – Got your card wet and they’re now crumpled? Or torn the edges of a few of them? This won’t look great so add some lamination to make your cards durable and give them a luxury feel. Soggy cards...the bin is calling again.

4. Clear message – It is vital to ensure that your business card quickly and effectively conveys what your business is about. Cryptic card? One place for that….

5. Lots of contact information – The point of a card is to encourage someone to contact you with a view to using your services or buying your products. So make sure your telephone number, mobile number, email address, website, office address and everything else that will make it easy for them to reach you is on there…you know what will happen if not!

Take a look at our latest business card design project here and if you would like us to apply our graphic design services to your business stationery contact us today.