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Why do Destylio love being creative?

In a time when lots of web hosting companies are piping up offering you ‘a website for your business in minutes’, we thought we would take a little time to explain why we so strongly believe that creativity and uniqueness is massively important in web design. We are sure you have seen the adverts on TV by now - pick a theme, pick a colour, add your text and let your clients find you online. Well, to start with, your clients will most likely NOT find you online. Why? Because the off-the-shelf websites that these companies offer will probably not be built in a search engine friendly way.

Now, on to the design; this is the real crux of this article. Who wants to look like everyone else? The truth is you get what you pay for and people will be able to tell a mile off if your website is simply a changeable template. You know how you feel yourself when you see someone in the same top as you, but imagine if you saw a website that was clearly the same as your business’ with just a different colour and logo used? In the current challenging economic climate the internet is a vital tool but it needs to be used to its optimum. Having a website for your company is a way of opening your services to a massive audience, globally – so you want to look your best, right? Investing a little extra to ensure you have a bespoke website, designed individually for you is worth its weight in gold.

Just some of the ways in which Destylio can add a personal touch to your website include using some of your own photography rather than stock images, including a bespoke illustration (which we can create for you) or just by approaching the project from a different and inventive angle, whether that be by trying a new and original layout or using a specific font or branding style throughout the website.

Here at Destylio this is our absolute priority, creating bespoke and creative websites that are crafted from scratch. You need to stand out from other competitors in your field and turn that prospective customer into an actual customer. This can only be achieved by employing an expert design company to discuss and take on board your own ideas and then apply a highly imaginative and creative touch in order to create something that is visually beautiful as well as user friendly and easy to navigate. We pride ourselves on providing this unique blend at Destylio, we see it simply like this – people first see then use your website so if it doesn’t look fantastic they won’t go very far will they?

We pride ourselves on our quality of design and also those finishing touches that are often neglected. Every little area of the website should be treated as its own individual design element; nothing should be neglected or left to just appear as a default style.

Why not have a look at some of our web design work, we are based near Coventry in Warwickshire and specialise in creative web design, print design and logo design. However we service the whole of the UK so please get in touch with us now and tell us about the project you would like us to undertake for you…