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Destylio provide work experience to up and coming designer

A first taste of commercial design at Warwickshire web design company

This current economic climate is making it harder than ever for young, newly qualified designers to gain their first job within the cut-throat graphic design industry. This is something that we here at Destylio web design in Warwickshire can relate to (yes, we were young newbies once too)!

So, when we were approached recently by a local student who is currently studying graphic design away from home at Lincoln University, to do some work experience we wanted to help out in any which way we could! Jenny is in her second year of study on a graphic design course and whilst she is already building a strong portfolio of her own through her course work, it was that ‘real-life’ experience of working on a commercial brief that she craved. Unfortunately, she had applied to many companies (most not even dignifying her with a reply) and had minimal success – this is where Destylio stepped in!

We all know nowadays how hard it is to get that ‘first foot on the ladder’; often you go to university but then lack ‘experience’ in the industry. The other route of course is that you don’t get a degree, but have lots of work-based experience – then however, often people seek ‘a degree in XYZ or similar subject’. This is preventing many young people who possess real talent from entering into the world of their chosen craft.

So, why have we offered Jenny a chance to work with us at Destylio?

In short, the answer to the above question is that we realise without the help of people like us, Jenny will struggle to get any kind of break into the industry that she cares so passionately about. She could work really hard for 3 years, get her degree, have a smashing portfolio but then struggle in a field of hundreds of other graduates all trying to get a handful of junior design posts.

Whilst of course Destylio offering Jenny a short period of work experience will by no means guarantee her plain sailing in her future career, we hope that we can contribute in a small way towards her pursuing the vocation she loves!
We are looking forward to the contributions that Jenny makes in her time working with us and hope that she achieves everything she wants from her design career!